Train up a child in the way he should go, and when he is old he will not turn from it. ~Proverbs 22:6

Membership – Part Two

(Please read entire page and follow all steps to end of page.)


 T.H.E.O., Inc.  (Tri-Cities Home Education Organization) is built upon the foundation of Biblical principles and the message of redemption and hope from God the Father through His son Jesus Christ and the guidance we receive in the Holy Spirit.


 T.H.E.O., Inc. (Tri-Cities Home Education Organization), is a support group formed by parents who have the common goal of educating their children in the home, according to Biblical principles.

WHAT THIS MEANS: We are a support group designed to encourage and support home schooling families, understanding that families have unique and individual lifestyles and plans for schooling and worship.  The group also provides various activities and events in which homeschoolers may participate.  Field trips, classes, musical or play productions, ministries, sports activities, etc., can only be made possible by THEO members’ willingness to participate in some way within the group.


THEO, Inc. became incorporated in 2001 for the protection of its member families while participating in sponsored events and to provide the benefits of incorporation to its member board.

THEO REGISTRATION, WAIVER/RELEASE, COST and BENEFITS:  Each applicant must properly complete and send the Registration and Waiver/Release forms along with a $25 membership fee, postmarked by July 25th, 2013 to the THEO Treasurer, before:

  1. THEO membership is activated
  2. THEO membership directory and Membership Card are given
  3. THEO’s monthly newsletter is sent via email
  4. Your children can participate in any THEO sponsored activities.

LATE REGISTRATION:  The application deadline is necessary for your member board to compile the directory, set up the email chain and help establish your member activities groups.  If applications are postmarked after July 25, 2013, a $10 late fee will be added.  This fee does not apply to first-time applicants.  (Memberships may be granted at no cost for hardship reasons upon request).

The following forms must be printed and signed, then mailed to THEO, PO Box 206, Fruitport, MI 49415.

The Waiver/Release form can be found HERE

The Photo Waiver form can be found HERE

To complete your membership application, you need to:

  1. Complete the Online Membership Application, or print and complete the hard copy.
  2. Print, complete and sign the Waiver/Release form and the Photo Waiver form.
  3. Write a check for $25 before July 25, 2013, or $35 after July 25, 2013. (First time members will only pay $25.)
  4. Mail to THEO, PO Box 206, Fruitport, MI 49415.

If you do not have access to a printer, fill out a request here and we will send blank copies for you to fill out.