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Michigan Homeschool Law

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Michigan offers two options for homeschool families. The ‘homeschool statute’ requires no registration or teacher qualifications for the parent. The ‘nonpublic school’ option does require registration and a requirement that the instructor hold a teaching certificate, bachelor’s degree, or the parents have a religious conviction against the teacher qualification requirement. However, nonpublic schools have access to the public school’s extracurricular activities and auxiliary services, including services for special needs students. Some homeschool families choose to register as a nonpublic school for access to these services and activities.


It appears that the Michigan Department of Education is requesting that homeschool families register under the nonpublic school option. While the Department can request that, there is no legal requirement and Michigan law allows for families to choose either or both options to homeschool under. Families who do not wish to register under the nonpublic school option can simply ignore this letter and homeschool under the traditional homeschool statute.


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